Uplifting Story From Iraq

2003-04-04 00:50 ☼ post

Iraqi man risked all for U.S. POW

MARINE COMBAT HEADQUARTERS, Iraq, April 3 — Mohammed, a gregarious 32-year-old Iraqi lawyer, went by the hospital in Nasiriyah one day last week to visit his wife, who worked there as a nurse, when he noticed the ominous presence of security agents.

Curious, he asked around, and a doctor friend told him an American soldier was being held there. Something made him want to go see. The doctor took him to a first-floor emergency wing where he pointed out the soldier through a glass interior window — a young woman lying in a bed, bandaged and covered in a white blanket.

Inside the room with her was an imposing Iraqi man, clad all in black. Mohammed watched as the man slapped the American woman with his open palm, then again with the back of his hand. In that instant, Mohammed recalled today, he resolved to do something. After the man in black left, Mohammed sneaked in to see the young woman.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” he told her. He was going for help.

The courage that Mohammed showed in the face of certain danger to himself and his family is amazing. What a tremendously inspirational story.