Sign of the Apocalypse

2003-04-05 22:31 ☼ post

Every computer that I have ever purchased for myself up to this point has been a Macintosh of some sort or other. In the spring of 1991 I purchased a Mac Classic with the money I had saved working as a courtesy clerk at Albertsons. That computer served me well for the first two years of my college experience, but in the fall of 1993 I upgraded to a Mac Quadra 660av (notable for the first incarnation of Apple’s PlainTalk voice recogntion). Approximately three years later I bought a Mac clone, PowerComputing’s PowerCenter 150. That computer served me well for another couple years until I went back to Apple and bought an original Bondi Blue iMac. A year later I decided I needed a 333 Mhz Lombard PowerBook, and that particular computer continues to serve me well thanks to a 466Mhz upgrade I purchased from NewerTech.

New PC Case

Friday I ordered the parts for my first non MacOS computer. I had been saving up some money to buy a new iBook or PowerBook for a while now, but hadn’t saved up quite enough money for a 12″ PowerBook G4 yet. Monday in a meeting with my supervisor I learned that if I submit a request for a Powerbook in June after the start of the new fiscal year, I can get one paid for through work. So realizing I had enough money saved up to buy the parts to assemble a pretty nice PC plus 19″ monitor for easily half the price I was going to pay for the PowerBook I decided to go for it.

My computer gaming options just got about 90% better I think. Actually, now that I think about it more like 98%+ because my current PowerBook doesn’t have the horsepower to play most of the new 3D games that actually do come out for Macs.

Not that the new PC is going to be strictly a gaming machine. The ASUS motherboard I’ve purchased supports FireWire and I also ordered a pretty speedy Lite-On CDRW drive along with a DVD drive. I’m curious to try creating some SVCDs on the PC side of things. Here are all the relevant specs:

Oh, and I think the new case is pretty cool looking as well.