2003-04-11 11:26 ☼ post

I spent more time than I probably should have last night playing Grand Theft Auto III but it was a lot of fun. Cooler still, my video card didn’t seem to have any problems running at 1600x1200x32. Actually the resolution was probably more like 1600×900 since I opted for the more cinematic widescreen setting.

Of course while my new computer purred along my body didn’t fare quite as well. My left hand started to get fairly sore manning the keyboard after just a couple hours. I think it’s time to go purchase that Nostromo n50 SpeedPad I was thinking about.

In other hardware testing news (wink) I had quite a bit of fun playing Oni Wednesday night. Unfortunately it was only the demo version, but I see Amazon has Oni listed for $10 at the moment. I love the hand to hand combat system in this game. I would have purchased it when it came out, but I didn’t own a computer with a decent 3D graphics card.