Safari Public Beta 2

2003-04-16 09:14 ☼ post

The new Safari: if this is still beta, then I’m a giraffe.

This new Safari is so innovative that, despite being just a web browser”, it has the chance to make a real impact on the user experience, more so than the last three Safari betas combined. I woke up this morning being a hater of tabbed browsing. This evening, I can admit that I’ll never again enjoy web surfing without tabbed browsing.

I started using Safari Beta 2 on Monday and probably wouldn’t have any reason to go back to Camino if I could get new windows from other applications to open in a tab. Update: there is a radio button under general preferences that allows this. I’ve been a huge fan of tabbed browsing since it debuted in Mozilla. In fact these days I simply won’t use a browser for any length of time if it doesn’t support tabs. So that definitely means I keep my Internet Explorer use o a minimum.

And that goes for my new XP box as well. Phoenix was one of the first things I downloaded and installed after setting up the machine.