Big Day For Apple

2003-04-28 09:36 ☼ post

Just under an hour to go until the big digital music announcement Apple’s supposed to make today. I’m pretty excited about the prospects and depending on how things shape up will hopefully be able to immediately shell out some money to buy and download some music. I just wish that there was some kind of online broadcast of the announcement ala the MacWorld keynotes.

Hmm… looks like I may have found one

**Update:* Well, I downloaded and installed [Quicktime 6.2] and [iTunes 4]:, but the Apple Music Store is not responding. Bummer. I guess I’ll try again af er lunch.

*Update 2:** Okay, I’m not getting complete functionality, but I have been able to look up artists and albums and listen to song demos. I’ve also noticed that some albums that contain a lot of tracks are selling for more than $10. This seems perfectly reasonable to me if it’s a quality cd and you’re still getting a price break from the $1 a track price. I’ve also found a few partial cds. Hopefully in the case of DJ Shadow’s Entroducing, that’s just a temporary issue because the tracks they included aren’t even the best ones on the album (and I want the whole thing).