The Baroque Cycle

2003-05-09 13:02 ☼ post

Neal Stephenson’s latest book is going to be called Quicksilver and it is apparently the first book in a series called The Baroque Cycle. Quicksilver also appears to be set in the same universe as Cryptonomicon, but takes place a couple hundred years earlier during the 18th Century. Additionally several of the main characters will be ancestors of characters found in Cryptonomicon.

Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait about four more months until we can read Quicksilver as September 23 has been set as the release date. I really enjoyed Cryptonomicon back when I read it over the summer of 19991 so to say I’m excited about this new series is a bit of an understatement.

  1. My copy of Cryptonomicon is actually quite well travelled. I read most of it while on a family vacation in Washington D.C. and then loaned it to my friend Steve to read when he went on a family vacation to Australia.