2003-06-10 09:56 ☼ post

I had to put in my contacts for the first time in months today. Of the course the ones I initially put in were pretty crusty with age and lack of regular maintenance so I ended up digging around and finding my supply of pristine unused ones. I have different prescriptions for each of eyes so naturally the two boxes of fresh contacts were in two entirely different locations. Luckily I still had a pretty good idea of where those locations were.

So why did I have to wear my contacts today? The right side of my glasses came unscrewed and the lense fell out. I tried fixing it myself after digging around in my bag and finally finding my collection of very small screwdrivers, but didn’t have much luck. I then compounded the problem by losing the pesky screw on our bathroom floor.

So in the interest of time I went with my contacts and it looks like I’ll be going that route for the next couple days until I can swing by my eye doctor and get the frames repaired. It’s a good thing I played in Hoopfest last June and picked up these contacts as part of my preparations, it made today’s problem much more managable.