Nokia 3650 On The Way

2003-06-10 10:50 ☼ post

Here I am almost 30 years old and I’ve never had my own cell phone. Mary has had one through AT&T Wireless for around the last four years, but the coverage in town has always been somewhat spotty and I can rarely reach her where she works because the reception is so poor there. As a result we’ve been thinking about changing services/and or both getting new phones for quite a while now.

After hearing a lot of good things about the Nokia 3650 out there in weblog nation (integrated camera, bluetooth, pda capabilities) I was pretty sure that was the way I wanted to go, but unfortunately Amazon only seems to have single user deals. I kept poking around the web though and today discovered that has an offer for two Nokia 3650s for a combine $160 after rebate if you sign up for a year’s worth of the T-Mobile Family Time plan. Yep, that looks about perfect. Time to order.