Nokia 3650s In The House

2003-06-17 09:54 ☼ post

Well, it took a while because Intelenet Wireless ran out of stock, but Mary and I received our brand new Nokia 3650 phones yesterday and they’re pretty sweet. They’re actually kind of smaller than I expected too which is sort of amusing considering I’ve read some complaints about that out there on the web. To me they seem perfectly proportioned.

I may have to pick up a D-Link bluetooth usb adaptor so that I can easily interface our computers with the phones. I think I’m also going to add the base t-zones capability to my phone at least, but I’m not looking to do a lot of file transfering at this point.

Getting back to my phone review I’m quite pleased with the sound quality and T-Mobile’s coverage in Spokane seems great so far. This morning I was able to call Mary in her classroom from my office here at work and there were no problems whatsoever. I was also able to call Mary from out at my mom’s house last night and she lives in a housing development several miles south of the city limits so that was pretty cool. It will be interesting to see how the coverage is up north where Mary’s parents live.