2003-07-24 14:15 ☼ post

I’ve been playing with an awesome little MacOS X application called VoodooPad a bit the last couple days. It’s kind of a combination between Stickies and a Wiki in that you create documents with lots of little notes that can link back and forth with each other.

While VoodooPad has a lot of nifty little features (export your notes and links to your ipod!?), the most significant one to me by far is its ability to run notes as shell scripts. It didn’t have that capability when I first tried it out several months ago, but it does now, and for me it’s a revolutionary way to learn how to program in python thanks to my subscription to Python in a Nutshell, and the Python Cookbook on O’Reilly’s Safari service. I can copy and paste code examples, modify them, test them out, and most importantly organize and link to them. It makes for a really terrific learning environment.

VoodoPad registration is currently only $10 (just bought mine today), but from what I understand it’s going to be going up to $30 once the final 1.1 release comes out. Either way it’s a steal, but don’t take my word for it, go check it out already.