Yard Work

2003-08-22 22:47

I’m feeling kind of tired and sore at the moment, but I had a nice and productive evening out in the front yard. The yard was long overdue for a good mowing and today was the first time in quite a while that I actually had plenty of free time to work on it.

It’s not that the front yard is particularly big; it usually requires roughly twenty minutes to mow if that’s all you have to do. Recently that’s rarely been the case because of all the pine needles that need to be raked up beforehand. We have an aging and somewhat precarious pine tree (if not for the cost I’d have it removed pronto) that dumps thousands of needles every time it gets somewhat windy.

On top of the pine needles there was also a fairly large dandelion outbreak to deal with as well. Clint’s Dandy Digger works quite well (Mary and I wish we had another in fact), but when everyone’s favorite yellow weeds are left to grow unchecked for a few weeks you’re looking at quite a bit of time to get them cleared out again.

So in the end I probably spent an hour a half preparing the lawn for mowing and then twenty minutes mowing it. I’d still like to do some edging work along the driveway and a few other odds and ends, but it looks far better than when I first came home from work.