October Day 1

2003-10-01 16:29 ☼ post

I just noticed that Axodys is looking kind of grim at the moment. No entries, just a long list of archives. I guess I’ve just been losing momentum lately. Or more accurately for several months.

Speaking of writing and momentum it just occurred to me that, that I’d better get back in the writing mood with NaNoWriMo exactly one month away. I really want to attempt it (writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days) again this year, but I’ve tried it twice and failed both times. I usually get off to a pretty good start and hit 10,000 words or so without too much pain and anguish, but then I slowly start to get behind, and by the time I get to the halfway mark basketball season begins and I start losing motivation. I want this year to be different though, I really do.