Weather Madness

2003-10-23 10:16 ☼ post

The weather today here in Spokane is looking a lot closer to normal after a few days of unseasonably warm weather. It’s pretty amazing that just a couple days back we had a high in the mid 70′s. It’s almost November for goodness sakes.

Unfortunately today’s abrupt return to temperature normalcy came with a lot of wind overnight and my Monday leaf blowing handiwork has essentially been erased. On the other hand I actually enjoy using my trusty Weedeater Barracuda quite a bit after twenty odd years of raking. There’s something innately cool about being able herd leaves with the barrel of a roaring 195 mph wind blaster.

Speaking of weather, is a very cool new weather service for RSS newsreader junkies like myself. It’s very easy to set up feeds to monitor multiple cities that you may be interested in.

In my case: Spokane, Olympia, Tempe, Jersey City, Seattle and for a little international flavor: St. Petersburg.