The Beauty of Panther

2003-11-02 12:44 ☼ post

I successfully installed Panther yesterday morning and I haven’t run into any issues yet. I’m not sure how I feel about Exposé at this point. It’s kind of cool, but LaunchBar is still my preferred method of moving between application.

One new Panther feature that I just took advantage of is the ability to set shortcuts for any menu item in any applications via the Keyboard & Mouse system preference. I’ve mentioned before just how annoying I find the fact that Safari has assigned Cmd-K to their disable popups feature. To me this is not an option that needs to be toggled regularly if at all, but that’s besides the point. I’ve run into problems with this behavior because NetNewswire uses Cmd-K to mark all items as read and I switch back and forth between the two applications with a lot of regularity and I often turn the Pop ups back on by mistake. That can’t happen any more though because I just changed the Block Pop-Up Windows shortcut to to Cmd-Shft-K.