2005-01-03 22:01 ☼ post

I did a bunch of searching online for a Pivot snippet that would allow me to incorporate my links into my sidebar, but I didn’t specifically find what I was looking for. I did stumble upon magpie, an open source php library that makes working with rss feeds in php remarkably painless. I also found some generic sample code for using magpie with a feed. This looked pretty promising so I decided to install the module in my extensions folder and see if I could cobble together a simple snippet that did what I wanted.

I installed the module and put together a simple snippet function, but it failed to work properly. Actually that’s a bit of an understatement; once I removed all my inadvertant syntax errors and went to rebuild my front page incorporating the [[delicious]] tag, Pivot displayed an error page complaining about some kind of duplicate debug setting. It suddenly occurred to me that Pivot might already incorporate the magpie library. I tossed out my little snippet attempt and did some poking around in the Pivot source code. Sure enough, Pivot already incorporates magpie and more importantly provided an [rss] tag that did everything I wanted to do. Doh! Oh well, I learned a little bit more about php and Pivot then I knew before and I figured out what I needed to do.

Here’s how I set up the tag: [rss:<a href="%link%" title="%description%">%title%</a><br /><br />] Note that the actual tag requires the standard double square brackets. I haven’t figured out a way to escape those out within an entry in Pivot yet so I went with singles.