NetNewsWire Pro Beta 2.0b10

2005-01-04 14:45 ☼ post

I’m really liking the NetNewsWire Pro b10 beta that came out at the end of last month. There are a lot of little refinements to the interface that make it a real pleasure to use and it’s ability to interface seemlessly with Cocoalicious makes adding links to (and my sidebar link log) totally painless. Today I realized that if I switched to the Daring Status Bar view I could actually operate in the three horizontal pane mode on my measely 12″ screen and be quite happy with the result. If I drill down to a link and open a web page the news items pane acts just like a tabbed web page and goes behind the active tab. Needless to say I use NNWP for at least half my general browsing needs just because it’s so handy.

Of course interface isn’t the only area where improvement has been made. The new beta also supports rss feed enclosures and can interface with iTunes, so that means I don’t need an additional application to deal with podcasts feeds. Not only is this is a great addition, but the way it integrates into the interface is incredibly elegant. Hat’s off to Brent for his continuing hard work and superior interface design aesthetic!