Yesterday’s College Hoops Recap

2005-01-14 06:41 ☼ post

GU Big Guys Come Up Large Cougars Cage Oregon State At Home

Nice to see the Cougars off to a good start in the Pac-10 as they move to 3-2 so far. They’re definitely a team that gets it done on the defensive end under Coach Bennett.

The Zag big men played well last night, but other than Derek Raivio, the rest of the team seemed to be in a little bit of a post-SMC, first week of classes funk against LMU. Gonzaga played the most man to man defense I’ve seen them play in quite a while and held LMU to 3-19 from the 3 point line, but didn’t defend LMUs center Matthew Knight on the inside very well. Still, I think it’s good that they had a game like this where they could tune up their man to man defense so that they have a different option for dealing with elite 3 point shooting teams like St. Mary’s.