2005-01-16 23:59


While going through and cleaning up my trusty external hard drive this evening I stumbled across my copy of the old Connectix Virtual Game Station, the first Sony Playstation emulator for the Macintosh. It occurred to me that their must be a MacOS X playstation emulator by now so I did a little digging using google. After a few false leads I found out that there is a fairly new emulator out called Mac PCSX. I downloaded it and after jumping through the hoops necessary to get the PSX BIOS, tried out my copy of EA Sports NCAA Football 99, probably my all time favorite PSX game. There were a few glitches, but overall the game worked like a charm and I was able to lead WSU to a 32-30 triple overtime victory over Michigan in the 1998 Rose Bowl. I think I’m going to have to play some games in dynasty mode now ;-)!