6 Years

2005-01-24 14:55 ☼ post

I think today is actually the sixth anniversary of Axodys. Of course there were a lot more entries during the first three years than the last three which is kind of unfortunate, but it should be evident (despite my lack of posting over the last few days) that I’m starting to get back on track1 with regular updates again. As busy as this time of year is for me, I’m fairly pleased with how productive I’ve been this month in the weblog department. If I can just survive until March or so when the basketball season ends it should be smooth sailing for a while.

  1. Random aside/peeve while I’m thinking about it. Why the heck do sports reporters always write articles and quote athletes and coaches using the phrase,“get untracked” when the majority of the time they actually said or meant something like get on track”. According to dictionary.com untracked means pretty much means the opposite of on track” so getting untracked essentially means heading off the beaten path. In my mind you want to get back on track because you were untracked! Metaphorically speaking, as a coach you don’t want your team running around out in the wilderness, you want them to stay on the path to success that you’ve established for them. So how the heck did all these sportswriters manage to come up with such a rampant misuse of the word untracked”? Irritating.