24 Thoughts

2005-01-25 20:16 ☼ post

24 is off to a great start this season. After five hours worth of build up, the payoff in last night’s opening 15 minutes was huge. Jack Bauer kicked some serious butt when he single handedly broke into the terrorist’s warehouse hideout and saved the Secretary of Defense1 from certain death after his internet trial by terrorist”. But even better, it turns out that the kidnapping plot and trial was just a clever feint to flood the internet with data and distract the NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) while the terrorist group took control of the 104(!) nuclear reactors in the United States (actually it’s not clear to me a this point if the group took control of all 104 reactors or could have taken control of any one of the 104 available). Plus at the end of the episode it became clear that there’s yet another mole in CTU. Things just got really interesting.

  1. I’d take James Heller over Donald Rumsfeld any day.