2005-02-01 16:07

Behind the times once again… here are the GSL results from last Friday:

Central Valley 77, Rogers 50

Ferris 56, Cheney 38

Gonzaga Prep 60, Lewis and Clark 58

North Central 62, Mead 49

Clarkston 48, Shadle Park 41

West Valley 53, East Valley 42

The most surprising game of the bunch had to be G-Prep vs. LC, but the pups pulled it out and that’s all that matters at this point in the season. There are some games ahead that I could still see them potentially losing, but the same goes for University and Ferris, the two teams currently a game behind in second place. As well as G-Prep has managed to play in league to date I’d be surprised if they dropped more than one game out of their last five. One way or another it’s going to be an exciting couple weeks of basketball.