2005-03-29 14:32

Somewhat randomly yesterday I decided to download the latest Knoppix iso via bit torrent and take it for a spin on my desktop pc. I mainly built that particular pc a couple years ago as a way to run Windows XP, do some video stuff and play 1all the cool PC games that never come to the Macintosh platform in timely fashion. It was a lot of fun building the computer from components and I’ve certainly used it for all those things, but I’ve always been curious to play with Linux on it as well. Up to this point I haven’t had the hard drive space, time or patience to set up a conventional Linux installation so Knoppix provided a simple and appealing means for me to make a quick jaunt into Linux land if I ever got around to it. Well, yesterday I finally did and the verdict is in: everything just worked and I could almost see myself taking that computer to Linux full time. KDE and all the various k-apps seem to run as smoothly as windows and if weren’t for a few game and video related applications I could easily see making the switch, as it is I may see if I can get a hold of another hard drive somewhere so that I can duel boot the machine. I’m definitely curious to find and look at a copy of O’Reilly’s Knoppix Hacks book to see what cool things you can do with it.

  1. Oddly enough, my father-in-law is actually a far bigger gamer than I am. I’ve only purchased (and spent a significant amount of time playing) a handful of games since I built the machine while he’s easily played and beaten twice as many games in the same timespan.