iLife Fun

2005-05-11 11:13 ☼ post

Mary’s parents wanted some video footage to show Eawyn off to some of their relatives and it seemed like a pretty fun project to finally put all the video and pictures we’ve been taking since September to use. In just over a days time I managed to whip up a fairly large slideshow and a small video compilation of Eawyn using the iLife-fu that I developed a couple months back for my big Ferris Basketball season highlight project. I used Boinx Fotomagico to do the slideshow portion of the project since it allows for cool spins and zooms that go beyond the typical iMovie Ken Burns effect and integrates nicely with iPhoto. The only tricky part was taking the .img file that iDVD creates and moving it over to my PC for dvd burning purposes. I was considering using the command line program hdutil until I realized that while Nero doesn’t support .img files it can create Video DVDs from the individual vob files if I mounted the .img and put them into a folder that the PC could access. In the end Mary was impressed and her parents seemed to like it as well.