How could Mark Cuban let Nash go?

2005-05-20 21:42 ☼ post

Last summer when I read Mark Cuban’s explanation of why he didn’t resign Steve Nash it seemed perfectly reasonable. But after Steve’s MVP season and his showing against his former team you’ve got to figure there are a lot of doubters in Dallas. But all things considered, I don’t think Nash would have had this kind of year had he stayed in Dallas. His game is the perfect fit for Phoenix’s style of play and there’s clearly a synergy going on that simply did not exist in Dallas. The Mavericks didn’t really drop off that much (if at all) without him, yet he completely transformed the Suns. His numbers during the regular season were pretty similar to the last year or two in Dallas accept for assist and turnovers which are up 3 and 1 per game respectively, but his performance in the last three playoff games have simply been off the charts and defied all prediction. I can’t wait for the Western Finals to begin.

On a related note, Dirk Nowitzki really, really disappointed me this series. The Dampier comments should have been saved for the locker room and the way he whined to the refs and ripped his teammates at the end of Game 6 was pathetic. Suck it up, take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out what it takes to raise your teammates’ games without tearing them down. That’s what players that are truly great do. Just ask Steve.