Honda Element Roof Racks

2005-07-12 11:19

I found a great post about roof racks for the Honda Element over at (gee Mac user and Element owner — time to subscribe to his feed). Note: Unfortunately now a defunct site so I’ve linked to the Internet Archive.

I’ve been thinking about getting a roof rack for my Element for a while now, especially since I’m making significant progress on my kayak and should wrap up the frame by this weekend. I was leaning towards the standard Honda model until I checked the prices at a few weeks back and realized it was going to cost me over $206+shipping ($226+shipping as of June 2008). As it turns out that’s not much less than you can get a more flexible, higher capacity Yakima or Thule rack that could be easily moved to other cars down the road.

Based on a little further research I just did the Yakima package looks like the way I’ll go eventually. currently has the Yakima components I want (66 in. bars, faring, pads and towers) for $228 and free ground shipping. At this point that looks like a far better value.

Update: eBay is another good source of Honda Element roof rack deals.