Ronny Turiaf

2005-07-22 09:19 ☼ post

I was shocked to learn this morning that former Gonzaga player Ronny Turiaf was diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition. For a guy like Ronny that just exudes so much energy and exuberance on the court it seems incredible that he’s been doing it with a heart that could have given out at any time. While it makes me sad to think that he may not be able to play basketball any more, I’m relieved that they caught this early enough to make sure that another Hank Gathers type of tragedy could be avoided. Sure, Ronny is an exceptional player, but as the Gonzaga and Spokane communities discovered during his four years here, he’s an even more exceptional person. Even if he’s never able to lace up his shoes and take the hardwood again Ronny has an ample supply of all the things he needs to lead a successful life. Hopefully with proper medical care he can make sure it’s a long one as well.