2005-07-28 09:00

Gus Mueller just announced today that FlySketch 1.5 for MacOS X 10.3.9 or greater has been released. What is FlySketch you ask? According to the official Flysketch wiki:

FlySketch is a unique new application that allows you to draw on top of just about anything on your screen. Highlight words or paragraphs, draw shapes to help define what you want to say, and then drag and drop the results onto another application, or email it to a friend.

I played around with an earlier version and thought it was pretty cool, but based on the What’s New in FlySketch 1.5 page”:http://flyingmeat.com/fs/flystashweb.cgi/99e78032-ff28-01d9-1ca2-c0cbe4c4fbfe there are a whole bunch of cool new features that I hadn’t known about. A few that jumped out at me:

FlySketch strikes me as a tool that would be great for putting together presentations and software documentation, but I think it could also be a pretty hand tool for the power weblogger who wants to occasionally add some graphical goodness to their entries. As extensible an application as it is I would think that it wouldn’t be too hard to get it to work more closely with blogging software like WordPress or MovableType for direct to blog image uploads. I may have to investigate that further at some point.

If any of this sounds remotely intriguing you can download FlySketch here to take it for a spin. Current pricing is $19.95, but Gus has indicated that it’s going up to $24.95 in the near future.