2005-07-30 20:23

It is painfully hot here in Spokane today. Especially for those of us who don’t have central air conditioning. Oddly enough I think my ongoing sea kayaking obsession was sparked in part last year during a similar heat late July heat wave. There’s just something incredibly appealing about going for a nice paddle on a nearby body of water instead of sitting in 90°+ house. Of course if your kayak isn’t finished yet, you have to spend the day working on it in the basement. Not exactly the best way to spend a perfect paddling day like today, but a decent alternative considering it’s still roughly 10° cooler down there.

The good news is that after today’s effort my kayak frame is finally ready to be skinned. I still need to pick up some nylon line and maybe a hole punch tomorrow, but I have everything else I need. I’m really looking forward to seeing it come together. I think the black hull with green deck is going to look pretty sweet.