2005-08-02 07:49

Well, it looks like after years of clamoring from the computing masses Apple finally did it and introduced an updated mouse. But I don’t think anyone quite saw this coming. In true Apple style, the mouse they just announced totally blows the doors off existing mice with its unique design and features.

Meet the mouse that reinvented the wheel. The scroll wheel, that is. At $49, Mighty Mouse features the revolutionary Scroll Ball that lets you move anywhere inside a document, without lifting a finger. And with touch-sensitive technology concealed under the seamless top shell, you get the programability of a four-button mouse in a single-button design.

I have to hand it to Apple for coming up with what looks to be a very nice mouse replacement, but I don’t think I’ll be rushing off to order one for myself. As a Powerbook user I’m pretty track-pad centric and rately use a mouse anyway, but it’s definitely going to be a great improvement for desktop Mac users. Maybe I’ll see if I can get my workplace to buy me one for testing purposes.

At this point it’s not clear to me that they’re ready to ship the new Mighty Mouse as the standard mouse on iMacs and PowerMacs. I just went to the Apple store to look at what kind of mouse the iMacs come with and there was no mention of the new design in the configurations offered. When will this come standard with desktops? Additionally, the pictures and tech specs page seem to indicate that Mighty Mouse is strictly a usb based mouse. Is there going to be a bluetooth version as well? Hopefully the answers to these questions will become clear soon.

Update: Robert Occhialini pointed me to a nice hands on review by Russell Beattie.