Kayak Update

2005-08-07 22:14 ☼ post

Despite the fact that today was dominated by my sister Kristen’s wedding, I actually managed to find time to work on my kayak this morning. The hull is now laced on and looks pretty good, but there are still some wrinkly parts along the gunwale that I want to try to resolve before I start cutting and gluing the ends of the kayak. Most of the wrinkles are around areas where I first started lacing. I may go back redo the center area now that my lacing technique has improved quite a bit. Of course if redoing the lacing doesn’t help things I’ll just have press on.

I took the next three days off from work and I’m really hoping that I can finish my kayak by Wednesday so that I can launch it if we go up to visit our friend Randy’s cabin on nearby Davis Lake. Davis Lake is the perfect setting for a kayak because it’s a quiet little lake that doesn’t allow motorboats. Unfortunately there’s still a long ways to go on the kayak skin and finishing by Wednesday morning will be quite tough.