Kayak Launch Scrubbed

2005-08-10 08:56 ☼ post

I made a lot of progress on my kayak yesterday, but I finally reached the realization shortly before midnight that I wasn’t going to be able to finish it in time for today’s lake outing. I still need to attach a couple final pieces of deck at both stems, but installing the coaming the single biggest remaining task. I was able to create a very servicable one out of half inch aluminum tubing last night, but attaching it to the cockpit and covering it in vinyl is a task that shouldn’t be rushed.

On top of everything else I’m fairly sore this morning from yesterday’s marathon kayak building effort. I drank a lot of water and did a lot of sweating as I toiled in our basement, but I didn’t realize I was exerting myself to the extant that my whole body would be a little stiff and sore today. I’m glad that I quit when I did though because I’m sure I’d really be in a world of hurt if I had stayed up a few more hours.