WordPress 1.5.2 Upgraded Files List

2005-08-17 23:38 ☼ post

I just noticed that WordPress 1.5.2 has been released. I guess I should check the WordPress dashboard a little more regularly. It sounds like it’s a straightforward upgrade, although it’s kind of a pain to have to copy over the entire installation. I wonder if there’s a list somewhere that states exactly which files have changed since version

Here’s a nice explanation of the WordPress 1.5.2 changes in plain English, but that isn’t exactly what I was looking for. Time to dig a little bit further.

Okay here are the file changes I found for 1.5.2:

wp-comments-rss2.php wp-settings.php xmplrc.php wp-admin/ users.php post.php edit-page-form.php categories.php upload.php wp-includes/ version.php template-functions-category.php pluggable-functions.php comment-functions.php

I just changed the above files and everything in WordPress seems to still be functioning normally. I don’t understand why this information isn’t provided standard with the upgrades.