39dollarglasses.com: New Glasses

2005-08-19 06:21 ☼ post


Yesterday Mary called me out of the blue to to ask me about a small package had been dropped off on our doorstep commando style. That is to say, a DHL delivery person jumped out of an unmarked van ran it up our front steps, dropped it off without ringing the doorbell and took off. I knew my new glasses were coming via DHL, but I was expecting them sometime around the middle of next week. Mary was a little bit weirded out, but I reassured her that the package had to be my new glasses and gave her the okay to open things up and confirm that everything had arrived in order.

Mary opened the package while I listened and immediately seemed impressed with the quality of the standard case and the glasses within. She even decided to try the glasses on to get a feel for what they looked like even though her vision is pretty close to 20/20. Everything seemed to be in order so I thanked her and we got off the phone so I could get back to work.

By the time I got home from work last night I had completely forgotten that the glasses had arrived. After a few minutes of catching up with Eawyn and the dogs I came to my senses and started looking around the house for them. Mary directed me to their location on the kitchen counter and I grabbed them and headed for the bathroom to remove my contacts.

Initial Review

At first glance the Palermo model frames seemed pretty similar to my previous Eddie Bauer pair, but I discovered that they’re actually quite a bit different on closer inspection. The material on the new frames was more of a shiny brown metal than the more natural bronze patina of my EB pair. Plastic only covers about half of the ear pieces while on my old EBs the plastic ran all the way to the hinges. The Palermo lenses are similar in size to the EBs, but streched a little wider horizontally and slightly narrow vertically with outer edges and corners that while rounded are much squarer than my EBs were.

Overall I’m really happy with the look and feel of the Palermo model I chose. They’re a nice change from my previous glasses, yet the difference is so subtle that I felt completely comfortable with them the moment I put them on. The over all quality of the frame and lenses seems quite good and the delivery time was completely awesome. It’s alway taken at least a week for my glasses to arrive when I ordered them directly from my eye doctor.


If you’re looking to order quality prescription eye glasses with the best value possible I heartily recommend 39dollarglasses.com. They have a nice selection of plastic and rimless frames as well. You can even get tinted prescription sunglasses for just under $50 (which I may buy next summer). The ordering process is easy and painless if you know your prescription and delivery time was surprisingly fast for the $5 standard ground. I received my glasses 3 days after placing my order despite living on the opposite side of the country from their New York location.