Kayak Progress: Nearly Complete

2005-08-20 22:45 ☼ post

Since missing my planned deadline a week and a half ago I’ve scaled things back a bit on my kayak building. I worked on the coaming roughly every other day this week and devoted quite a bit more time on it today as well. Even though I’ve generally taken my time I’ve still made a few more mistakes than I would prefer. It hasn’t been a big deal though because the vinyl coated polyester I’ve been using to make the skin and coaming is very easy to work with and fix mistakes.

As of this moment the kayak is finished enough to safely launch and I think we’re actually going to finally take it for a spin at a nearby lake tomorrow afternoon. The coaming needs a little bit of additional work between now and then, but it’s mostly just for some additional reinforcement and general aesthetic improvement– it’s already totally functional.

I’m excited to finally take my Sea Raider (that’s the design not the actual kayak’s name) out and see how it does. It’s been a long, but fun journey building it and I’m really curious to see how it performs.