Hurricane Katrina Watch

2005-08-27 14:27 ☼ post

I discovered this morning that Hurricane Katrina is going to pass very close to (if not directly over) New Orleans on Monday. While this is pretty big news in and of itself, it especially hits home for me because my good friend Steve Wilhelm and his family just moved down there so that he can attend medical school at nearby Tulane University. I was able to get in touch with Steve this morning via instant messenger and he was already making arrangements to evacuate if necessary. I asked him what the weather was like there at the moment and he said it was a perfectly normal 90° summer day. Just another reason to be thankful for modern weather tracking technology that can give people time to avoid major catastophes like this.

Speaking of weather tracking technology, this Google Map Plot of Hurricane Katrina I just found over at digg.comdefinitely suggests that evacuation is going to be the prudent course at the moment. My thoughts and prayers definitely go out to Steve and the all other the people in Mississippi and Louisiana who are going to face the effects of Katrina.