Disaster Preparation: Are You Ready?

2005-09-04 23:25 ☼ post

In light of recent events a meme that seems to be spreading across the blogosphere is that of personal disaster preparation. While I’m not advocating going into full on holed up in a remote cabin survivalist mode, I think it’s an excellent idea to take a look at how well prepared you are to handle unexpected situations that would require you to leave your home for an unknown period of time.

Accordion Guy has put together a great post on this topic called Pop Quiz Hotshotl that has a great series of questions to ask yourself. I could definitely do a lot better in all the areas that Joey covers in his quiz.

Damien Barrett just wrote Be Prepared and points to a couple places with useful prepartion information.

If you know of any more good disaster preparation information please feel free to post them in the comments.