Goodbye iPod Mini, Hello iPod Nano

2005-09-07 12:51 ☼ post

Apple just introduced the new iPod Nano and it’s even smaller and thinner than the iPod Mini! The Nano features a color screen, digital photograph storage support, and a more iPod-like design with the traditional shiny silver backing, but a choice of black or white plastic. Storage starts at 2GB for $200, but 4GB models are also available for $50 more. The nano also appears to be the replacement for the mini since there no longer seems to be a mini specific page on the Apple website.

Apple has put together an appealing new iPod here and a very worthy successor to the iPod mini. My guess is that the black 4GB model will be the most popular and by early next year the 4GB model will be going for $200. It will also be interesting to see if the pricing on currently available iPod minis come down as stores try to clear inventory.

From a techy perspective it will also be interesting to see if the new Nano supports audio recording via third party add-ons. That’s one feature I definitely wish the Mini had available.