WSU 55 Nevada 21

2005-09-09 22:49 ☼ post

Well, if tonight’s WSU Nevada football game had taken place back during my Rally Squad days I would have had to do a total of 266 pushups over a 3.5 hour span! I couldn’t have done it then and I certainly couldn’t do that many now. I think 35-42 point games were usually enough to do me in back in those days. 105 pushups across 3.5 hours was doable, but 147 was pretty taxing and made for some very soar arms. Notre Dame’s Leprechaun can probably relate, especially now that they’ve got Charlie Weiss at the helm of their offense.

Going into the game Nevada’s Pistol” variant on Urban Meyer’s spread shotgun option offense had me intrigued, but the gaping talent disparity between the two teams didn’t allow Nevada to ever get rolling in a meaningful way. WSU looked a lot better on offense this week and definitely have some very good talent and depth at the skill positions. WSUs backup running back had some really nice runs during the fourth quarter and ended up with over 100 yards himself.