College Football Saturday Recap

2005-09-10 23:15 ☼ post

I watched most of the Michigan - Notre Dame football game today and it was a real gem. The Irish ended up holding on for the 17-10 upset after establishing the lead with two first half touchdowns. I’ve never been a Michigan fan and I actually kind of like ND now that they’re an underdog. And they’ve got Charlie Weis going for them as well; I definitely prefer college teams that are offensive minded and do a lot of passing, must be my WSU roots.

The middle game of the ABC tripleheader was a real stinker. Cal beat the heck out of the Huskies in Seattle and won 56-17. I don’t think Coach Willingham could be off to a start that is any worse. I’m starting to think that Idaho might actually be able to take them when they meet later this month. Husky quarterback Isaiah Stanbeck didn’t have too bad of a day behind center with 22-39 for 301 yards and two touchdowns, but he didn’t have enough help and the UW defense was just sickening.

On the other hand the Texas - Ohio State game was a really, really good one up in Columbus with the Longhorns winning 25-22. Texas quarterback Vince Young was as impressive as advertised, but the Ohio State linebacking corps was pretty impressive in their own right. Big, strong and surprisingly fast for their size, they did a great job of pounding on Young all game long.