General Ragin’ Cajun Honore

2005-09-11 22:15

I found another article about General Honore over at CNN today. Apparently his nickname amongst his troops is &“Rajin’ Cajun” which is kind of cool, but some of the little factoids on the good general seem like something out of a quirky movie:

Honore was born at home 57 years ago during a hurricane, his mother and an uncle always told him. He grew up poor in Lakeland, La., northwest of Baton Rouge, with 11 siblings, once winning a 4-H contest with the family’s lone dairy cow, Weasel.

A cow named Weasel? That is too classic. The article also had a couple football related quotes that jumped out at me:

Honore said it was as if he entered a football game to coach in which it was the end of the first quarter and you’re down 25 to nothing.”

You can’t win the first quarter in a disaster. It’s impossible to do it. You got to do the best you can. But you better win the next quarter, take care of the evacuees,” he says. If the first quarter taught us anything, your plan is a plan but it needs to be executed.”

Anyway, just more evidence that General Honore is not only a good leader, but a good guy too.