NFL Ad Rundown

2005-09-11 23:21 ☼ post

A couple football related commercials jumped out at me today while I was watching the games. The credit card ad with Tom Brady at dinner with a date and his metaphorical offensive line was amusing the first couple times, but got kind of old by the end of the day. I wonder if the five linemen are actually on the Patriots OL? It’d be cool if they are since that would mean they’re getting in on a little bit of the endorsement money that Tom Brady’s rolling in these days.

The other ad that I actually enjoyed was the Burger King commercial with the King magically integrated into some footage of an actual Bill’s game. Former Bills quarterback Drew Bledsoe throws a pass and it deflects into the air off a receiver’s hands. The King grabs it for an interception and then flys up the field into the endzone for a touchdown. Way better use of their mascot than that creepy ad they were showing not that long ago.