NFL Rundown

2005-09-11 23:02 ☼ post

The Seahawks game today was a pretty big disappointment. The first half was okay. The Hawks had a 14-13 lead over the Jaguars going into halftime thanks to the inspired efforts of a defense that was handed consistantly poor field position, but it was all downhill from there. The Jaguar defense really took control in the second half and led their team to a 26-14 victory.

In the it’s still early department, San Francisco is now all alone in first place in the NFC West thanks to their upset win over St. Louis and the Seattle and Arizona losses.

I also caught the Sunday Night game on ESPN tonight and thoroughly enjoyed watching Peyton Manning dissect the Ravens’ defense with precision passing and play-calling as he lead the Colts to a 24-7 victory.

In the heartwarming news department, New Orleans scored an upset 23-20 victory over Carolina which was pretty cool for the people of Louisiana.