Axodys Update

2005-09-13 23:19 ☼ post

One of my goals for Axodys this month is to post at least twice a day. I had a pretty good start to September, especially with all the Hurricane Katrina news and events in the beginning, but I definitely feel like I’m starting to hit the wall a little bit. I also have a new weblog that I’m hoping to start in the near future, but I’m not sure when I will get the right combination of time and motivation to get it going. Between recent events and other stuff I’ve had a hard time getting things rolling.

In the meantime I’m doing quite a bunch of research on WordPress and custom themes because I’m interested in trying some different things with the secret weblog project. That should also explain the addional WP related entries I’ve had recently. I will probably discuss it futher within a few weeks and hopefully will have something solid to point people to at the time. In the meantime, thanks for readying Axodys.