Eawyn Watching Evening

2005-09-13 22:57 ☼ post

Mary had Open House at the school where she teaches tonight so Eawyn, Gitte, Lexi and I got to spend some quality time together this evening. Overall it wasn’t too eventful. Eawyn didn’t get upset at all when Mary left, but I think that it helped that I was feeding her peaches and rice cereal at the time.

After dinner we watched some SG-1 and The Shadow on the Sci-Fi channel, but mostly just fiddled around. I let Eawyn wander around the house while keeping enough of an eye on her to make sure she didn’t get into trouble. She was fine with that until about 8 PM when she started to get fussy so I told her it was bath time” and took her back to the bathroom we bathe her in.

Eawyn absolutely loves swimming and taking baths so her mood immediately lifted. She’s become quite adept at helping us get her clothes off when it’s time to get in the water. Not only will she lift both hands over her head to make it easy to remove her shirts, but she also lifts one leg up at a time to help get her pants off. Very cute stuff.

After the bath and a brief toweling off I let Eawyn run around the house in her birthday suit for a few minutes. At one point she wanted to ride her rocking horse so I even got a couple cute young Godiva shots that we can embarrass her with when she’s older!

Overall it was a fun evening and Mary got back just in time to feed Eawyn before she completely melted down.