Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons

2005-09-14 22:51 ☼ post

Jamie Zawinksi tossed out the idea of Celebrity Dungeons & Dragons in contrast to say Celebrity Poker today.

I want to see a TV show where the flying camera crane zips around the table where Wil Wheaton, Puff Daddy, Michael Madsen, and Lindsay Lohan play D&D. I would totally watch that.

Yo, I’m-a gonna get all up in that orc’s face with my Magic Missile. Jack you up, orc!” Then then announcers banter, oh, Magic Missle! A bold choice, he might need that later. Here comes the roll…”

I thought that sounded pretty entertaining myself. Then Wil Wheaton emailed Jamie back and indicated that he had helped some guys pitch that show to Comedy Central earlier this year, but nothing came of it. According to Wil:

It was AWESOME, and hilarious, and I got to sit close enough to Paget Brewster to pretend that she was in love with me, but CC didn’t pick it up.

Total bummer. Apparently the tape is out there somewhere so hopefully a torrent will be hitting the internet soon as this meme picks up some steam (yes, this is my small contribution to that effort).

The Tape Is Out There.