Apple Pac Rats

2005-09-15 22:41 ☼ post

Scarily enough this article hits close to home:

He’s one of the legions of Macintosh and iPod users for whom the elegance of the user interface begins with the bold graphics and sleek texture of the box the new machine comes in. It’s in the smell and the way the box logically reveals each new component just as the user needs it. And, like the famously long-lived Apple Computer products they carry, these aesthetic outer wrappings have a habit of sticking around.

Not only do I still have my iPod Mini box, but I also have my 12″ PowerBook box downstairs and a couple iBook boxes that I snagged from work a few years back. I grabbed the iBook boxes because they were quite useful for packing when we moved, but I definitely didn’t go out of my way to get rid of them. I hadn’t really thought about it until now, but apparently I (and thousands of others) have a Mac packaging problem.