Irish Trojan Contest

2005-09-15 20:05 ☼ post

Brendan posted the results from the first couple weeks of his ND football prediction contest today. I had the lead after the first week, but faded last week when Michigan lost to the Irish. It will be really interesting to see how this plays out over the season. At this point I don’t see how my 5-6 prediction can possibly hold up and would be shocked if Washington can avoid losing by 3 touchdowns let alone winning by 1 as I predicted, but I definitely don’t think the Irish will go undefeated either and could still lose 3-4 games.

I think I’ve got a better chance with the USC contest once Brendan starts putting up those pages. I’ve got some upset picks in there for USC that probably won’t stand up, but I did pick against my Cougars for that game so I should come out ahead in some fashion either way. I picked Arizona to upset the Trojans and I think I picked another upset as well, but I don’t remember which.