ND Prediction Contest: Back In The Game

2005-09-17 20:11 ☼ post

Well, Notre Dame’s 44-41 loss to Michigan State should move me back up to 3rd in the standings in Brendan Loy’s contest by my calculations (not official). I predicted that the Spartans would beat the Irish by 3 and thanks to the big fourth quarter Notre Dame comeback that’s exactly how it played out.

Next week will be a key game for me as I’ve predicted that Washington will win by a touchdown. if I’m right it’s highly likely that I’ll move back into first place, but if not it’s right back into the middle of the pack for me. At this point I don’t have a good feel for how the game will actually go though. Notre Dame is showing signs of vulnerability, but even with today’s win by Washington I still question whether the Huskies have what it takes.