State of Washington Football Recap

2005-10-09 23:06 ☼ post

This weekend was a so-so football weekend for the State of Washington. My Cougars managed to bring their Pac 10 record to 0-2 after losing to Stanford 21-24. The Huskies were idle this weekend as they to head into the meatgrinder portion of their schedule when they play Oregon, USC and ASU in consecutive weeks. The Seahawks were the sole bright spot when they managed to post a 37-31 win over a Rams team that owned them last year.

Random Thoughts

Apparently the Cougars were breaking their pregame huddle with Pac 10 Champs!” early in the season. Now with two losses in the games that they should have won they’re looking more like Pac 10… no, that’s too easy. I think having Will Derting out really hurt them a lot on defense yesterday and just last week the Huskies showed that UCLA isn’t invincible despite their undefeated record. The Cougars have the necessary talent when at full strength, but without some training room miracles this week they’re going to be hurting next Saturday.

In today’s Seahawk game today Ferris graduate Jeff Robinson had a 24 yard reception for the Rams today which was cool. He’s mainly a long snapper, but apparently the Rams were shorthanded at tight end and Jeff got to fill in at that position. Jeff played for Dallas the last couple years, but played for the Rams back during their recent Super Bowl years.