Ken Hamlin Assault: Future Law And Order Episode?

2005-10-18 21:06 ☼ post

The Ken Hamlin assault situation sure strikes me as the kind of scenario that’s going to appear on an upcoming episode of Law and Order

Pro football star gets in a fracas at a nightclub following a big win and ends up in the hospital with serious head injuries. Then just hours later one of his alleged assailants is found shot to death.

Of course if it actually shows up as an episode on Law and Order it will all take place in New York and there will actually be some kind of connection between the two events with an even bigger twist in the courtroom, even if nothing remotely like that pans out in real life.

At any rate I wish Ken well and hope the recovery process goes smoothly. I’m no doctor, but a fractured skull and blood clot near the brain doesn’t sound like kind of thing that you bounce back quickly from. I imagine his backup will have to fill in for the rest of the season.